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Wood Badge 2,3,4


Scouting takes ordinary children and young people and turns them into community leaders. But this is not as easy a “job” as it sounds. Although it has a 115-year history and a doctrine distilled in the blend of time, Scouting owes its real success to its ability to produce "well-trained leaders". Wood Badge 2,3,4 training takes Scout Leaders, who are equipped with the traditional knowledge of Scouting in the first stages, to the next level and equips them with modern managerial knowledge. Thanks to these leaders who think strategically, manage crises, and establish learning organizations, young people will play a dynamo role in social development. What enables this is the Gilwell Training Method, which is the subject of this book. It is a social responsibility project.

It is a social responsibility project.

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It is done by GILWELL TURKEY.

SCOUTING: A Nation Matter

Scouting in Turkey is 108 years old. OSMAN BALCIGİL personally witnessed 53 years of this long-term youth movement. For this reason alone, his SCOUTING ARTICLES are of great importance.

In OSMAN BALCIGİL's SCOUTING: A MATTER OF THE NATION, you will read about the drifts of Scouting in Turkey over the past twenty years and the “struggle to protect values” given by a handful of young Scout leaders.  Prepare yourself to be sad, angry, worried, rejoicing and hopeful about Scouting, which is one of the most distinguished institutions of our country.

It is a social responsibility project.

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It is done by AIF.


Esotericism in 50 Items

Did mythology originate from esotericism or esotericism from mythology?

Are Mu and Atlantis, considered the beginning of esotericism, wonderful bullshit?

If we think of “all human knowledge” when we say mathematics, it is thanks to Pythagoras.

So what were Pythagoras and his disciples after?

What did Socrates defend, who ended up dead?

Was Ataturk a Freemason?

What are the Knights Templar? How did the Illuminati infiltrate Freemasonry?
Osman Balcıgil in Esotericism in 50 Items,

It offers an essential guide to those who want to understand esotericism and Freemasonry on a large map.


Death penalty

The Death Penalty Approaching the end of the 70s

It was the subject that Turkey discussed the most.

Balcıgil published this book at the United Nations.  Nations,

Amnesty International

and Istanbul Bar Association

made in the light of congresses and conferences.

The book was published by Birikim Publishing.

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In the late 70s, when the constitutional debates intensified,

discussions on various platforms

and their reflections in the newspapers and magazines of the time.

a legal study.

This work, published by Birikim Publishing, is out of stock.

It can be obtained from auction sites.




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