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Born in Istanbul in 1955, Osman Balcılgil studied economics. He almost never worked in his profession. He has been writing since 1975.


Balcıgil first worked as a journalist and then as a television broadcaster for many years in magazines (Yeni Gündem, Tempo, Cumhuriyet Dergi, Hürriyet Magazine) , newspaper ( Cumhuriyet, Hürriyet ), television (ATV, Show, Star, HBB, Kanal 6)  He worked as a reporter, editor, editor-in-chief and head of department in the news departments of the sectors.

Balcıgil was deemed worthy of many awards for his research, writing and television programs. With Confused Descendants of the Incas , whose fifth book is in LATIN AMERICA'S ARTISTIC VESSELS In 1988, he won the Journalists' Association Interview of the Year Award .

Having ended his journalism career in 2000, Balcıgil's books SUPPORT and KARGA KARGA  Published by publishers.


Nazım Hikmet's mother, Yahya Kemal's lover, and the first woman nude painter of the Ottoman Empire, Celile Hanım's novel, Ela Eyed Pars CELİLE , was published 65 times in 8 months and became the most read novel of 2016 in Turkey.  By 2022, the number of prints of the book was 114.


The author's scrutiny of Sabahattin Ali's life  The GREEN INK i silvery book has sold more than 65 thousand copies.


Balcıgiil, who wrote her novels under three titles as period, biographical, historical/esoteric, wrote in the genre of biographical novel AFİFE JALE.  and his books titled İPEK SABAHLIK , which he wrote about a veiled journalist, writer and human rights defender Suat Derviş, also reached very high reading numbers.

Among the novels of the period, his books such as WHEN IGONS DOWN, REVERSE WINGED HAWL, THE SADEST SEPTEMBER, I STILL WARM IN MY GUMS, entered the lists at the top of the lists in the years they were published, and they continue to be published at regular intervals.

Balcıgil also produces products in genres such as stories, novellas, essays, research and interviews.


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