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Historical,Esoteric Novels

Lord of Knowledge

The Knights Templar never kept their secrets as deeply as the "secret library". Because there was nothing more valuable than this library, which also contains the lost manuscripts of Ibn Arabi, which helped raise many scientists like Nostradamus.

Will the obedient Jesuit priests reach the secret the Great Scholar has entrusted to Knight Whitfeld? Who will be the last master of the "secret library", protected by a pair of talismanic shirts?

As you read Master of Knowledge, you will begin to look at the concepts of "science" and "mysticism" in a different light.

After reading this breathtaking adventure from Damascus to Northumbria, from Üsküdar to Cambridge, "east" and "west" will mean different things to you than before.


Dante's Hell in Istanbul

Who will go to the hottest place in Hell? Those who remain neutral during the moral crisis, of course! Why did Duran, the young son of the Italian origin Pisani family, decide to play the Divine Comedy in the Istanbul decor? How will the staunch Catholic Mrs. Pisani and the mystic Mr. Pisani be affected by their son's journey to the Hell of Istanbul? What "delicate line" connects Mr. Erdogan, the mysterious king of dark Istanbul, with the French thinker Michel Faucoult and the Spanish painter Salvador Dali? Will the mind-blowing plan of director Gabriel, a member of a mystical cult headquartered in Sulaymaniyah, work out? What does the beautiful Gizem, who plays Dante's great love Beatrice, hide from everyone? Who is the surprise actor who will bring Charon, one of the most important characters of the Divine Comedy, on stage, and "how can he suspend his will while keeping his mind under control?" 


Love and Sword in the Masonic Lodge

A Masonic lodge where women are not accepted, two young, new brothers: AZEM and SEDAT... Everyone's eyes are on them! Will the masons, who have managed to exist for hundreds of years by acting "in accordance with the rules", be able to overcome this crisis regarding Love? Who will be the “MAGIC SWORD” made 400 years ago for Shah Jahan, who built the Taj Mahal, the symbol of India? Who will win the great war that will take place between the Iranian heirs and the Turkish masons? Was Jamaluddin Afghani a British agent or did he work for the Russians? Was he Muslim or Zoroastrian? Why did he die thinking that no one loved him? The secret and breathtaking adventure of CEMALEDDIN AFGANI, a mason master, in LOVE, KILIÇ and ÂZEM! Will the power of a Venerable Master living in the midst of events and a number one of the masons, the Grand Master, be enough to win the great war that will take place with an "unlawful" Love and Sword?


Pythagorean Reaction

The great actions of two priests and a girl, members of the Pythagorean Society, starting in Taksim and continuing in the Fener Patriarchate, reaching the Athos Peninsula, Sofia, and London, the Turkish Government, which is in power with an emphasis on Islam, and the fanatics all over the world.

It will make Christians very angry. A magnificent adventure, intertwined with the gasping struggle of the Gezi Resistance, where the names of the world's most famous religious and philosophical figures such as Paul, Apollonius and Pythagoras will be mentioned frequently, and whether Jesus Christ was a "false prophet" or not!


Zarathustra's Secret

The Zoroastrian sages, who predicted that if the King of Kings could not win the war against the Greeks, their religion would be in danger, chose three separate points out of sight in the vast Persian lands and four clans whose chiefs were specially trained. Would at least one of the three clans set out to be the custodians of tradition and especially of the Avesta, the holy book written in gold letters on cowhide? Muslims like Turks, Persians, Arabs, who are the elements of the same geography as Kurds; Will the PKK theorist Hodja, who thinks he needs to separate himself from Christian societies such as Syriac, Chaldean, and Armenian, use the opportunity that "accidentally" fell into his hands? Who will be the winner of the great struggle that will start under the shadow of the guns and extend to PKK camps such as Qandil in Iraq and Kozaresh in Iran, and even to important capitals such as London and Paris?


53. Treatise

53. By whom and why was the treatise written? How did it vanish? No one knew until now that there were 52 Ikhwan-i Safa (Purified Brothers) tracts, which can be found in all the distinguished libraries of the world and each of which was valuable for the period in which they were written, and the 53rd one! What conditions had to mature for the 53rd Risale, which was written as a single copy, to emerge? The Purified Brothers stated that the Earth is round and rotates, that the Sun is at the center of the universe, 500 years ago from Copernicus and Galileo, from Darwin, from Darwin, from Dalton that the atom can be split, and that a huge amount of energy would emerge during this time, from Hahn 1000 years ago. They knew! What else could the Hidden Idea Club Ikhwan-i Safa, which started its activities in the 9th Century, know? Prepare your heart and brain for the great adventure that will take place nine floors below the ground, towards the secret temple of Hazrat Idris.



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