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Biographical Novels

Hazel-Eyed Pars CELİLE
She was one of the most beautiful women of the Ottoman Empire. The lectern of the court painter Fausto Zonaro passed through his teaching. He was educated in Paris and Rome. He wrote his name in the art of painting with golden letters. The Sultan struggled with his spies, the Balkan gangs, the Union and Progressists... He didn't know what fear was! He was married and had two children when he fell in love with Yahya Kemal, who was four years younger than him. The famous poet wrote poems "Hazel-eyed leopard" for him. The beautiful woman thought for the first time in her life that she was flying above the clouds. He left his wife and home for the sake of love! Unfortunately, the poet did not have a heart big enough to carry it. He let her down, slipped away. She was very upset, she was devastated, but she was not destroyed, the hazel-eyed leopard. Can the same child be born twice? She gave birth to Galilee! When his son Nâzım Hikmet started a death fast in the twelfth year of his twenty-eight-year prison sentence, he stepped forward like a panther and pulled the great poet from the brink of death.



Sabahattin Ali did not realize that the person who would allow him to flee to Bulgaria was an intelligence agent. He threw himself into that bottomless pit called death.
"Yusuf from Kuyucak", "The Devil in Us", "Madonna in a Fur Coat", lots of stories and poems, most of which would become songs, would no longer be able to write. He would be killed by the state, and his new novel "Ankara" would be left unfinished. If possible, he would write about how the ruthless wheels of the state were turning in the capital, and where the dirty hands of politicians and bureaucrats could reach.
With a piece of wood lowered on his head, he fell to the ground in blood. His green ink fountain pen fell out of his pocket. Pages of his new novel were thrown around from his bag. His writings were orphaned. So is his only daughter, Filiz. While her eyes were closed to never open again, the pictures of beautiful Aliye in her wallet were also crying.


Silk Dressing Gown SUAT DERVİŞ

Dervish said hello to life with a golden spoon in his mouth.

He was wearing a silk dressing gown, a gift from his royal mother, as he breathed his last in poverty.

He suffered greatly from the persecution of intellectuals who wanted the best for their country.

Along the way, she lost her son, whom she was about to give birth to.

He described the “love of his life” in his novel PHOSPHORLU CEVRİYE, which has been adapted for the cinema and stage dozens of times.

With this work, he conquered hearts not only in his own country, but also in many other countries.

He stole the hearts of the Germans under the name of Suzet Doli in Germany and of the French under the name of Suat Derwish in France.

In İPEK SABAHLIK, you will read the breathtaking drama of Suat Derviş, who was undoubtedly the best journalist and the most widely read novelist of his time, with joy, envy, surprise and pain.


Passionate BreathWomen's AFIFE JALE

Afife Jale was the first Muslim female actress. From his father to the Şeyhülislam, from the Minister of Internal Affairs to Şehremini, who did not bother with him.

His aunt's son was very much in love with the beautiful girl. He also loved the handsome young man in the world. First the scene came between them, and then the "dagger" that Afife carried in her brain.

Afife ran into her second love, Selahattin (Pınar), in "A Spring Evening". The famous artist hugged the beautiful Afife with great love.

From the cradle to the grave and death, Afife remained committed to the theatre, which was also the passion of her Pasha grandfather. Bakirkoy Mental and Nervous Diseases Has Breathed His Last BreathOf course, he continued to "sprinkle stardust into the eyes" as he gave it.

Click. Very easy.



 In City Theatre, where she took her step at the age of thirteen, she managed to leave her rivals behind and become the first and only primadonna.

It is a game that can be given to very few players.She had natural talent and beauty. He added his intelligence and hard work to these features.

It has become the undisputed “Number 1” of the Turkish Theater, which is living its golden years, and Turkish Cinema, which is in the process of being established. He earned a lot of money.

He lived a life whose examples can only be seen in the USA. Turkey's playboys even had red carpets laid on the roads that could pass, not pass. Champagne was drunk from their shoes. All her jewelry, shoes, bags, clothes were brought from Paris or London. In time, he would sneer at even the latest model cars that were gifted.

Every ascent has a descent!

Cahide Sonku's fall, just like her rise, would happen with meteorite speed. The famous star would be buried in the swamp of alcohol in time and would be lost in the slums of Beyoğlu.

Just like in his other widely read biographical novels in RED CHANG, Osman Balcıgil delves into the depths of Turkish society based on Cahide Sonku. 

The unbelievable rise and fall story of Cahide Sonku is hidden in the unique labyrinths of our social life. 




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