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The Love of Fiction and Reality

How to build a novel? How to overlap reality with fiction, fiction with reality? Briefly speaking, what are the main problems of novel writing? Novel writing is hard labor. The novel is not just about the subject, real or created characters, events and places. It is a huge task that also has dimensions of history, philosophy, sociology and psychology. Novel is mathematics, geometry, architecture. Brain surgery and jewelery...

Don't be fooled by the fact that it seems like a profession without a diploma. It requires forty years of hard work, not four years, and passing through four hundred gates, not four.

Osman Balcıgil, the author of best-selling novels such as The hazel eyed tiger:  CELİLE, Green Ink, The Silk Robe, The Passionate Woman: AFIFE JALE, tells the "secrets of his profession" to habitual readers and potential writers, he opens paths and opens doors in The Love of Fiction and Reality. ​



Dark Room

In the dark room of a house on Büyükada, under the pale red light, 61-year-old journalist Osman Balcıgil and 25-year-old Deniz Gezmiş, who was born seven years before him, are looking at the black and white clichés of the country. Workers, peasants, students, bread, land and freedom…


Osman Balcıgil is an older brother independent of the books in which he talks about "execution as a punishment", his brother Deniz, who is unaware of his symbolism even though he is aware of it.


The young, bright people walking towards the gallows and what happened after they left are filled into bathtubs; but this conversation falls into the lines as an intangible, private, sincere sigh.



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