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Black Demon on the Run

Jumped from Mehmet Siyah Kalem's painting, which was waiting to go up for auction  and vanished: everyone, including the handcuffs, who has been in a painting for 500 years

And can it all be left behind and escaped? 

It's like Mohammed Black Pencil in question  If it is the lines of a Cavlaki Dervish, yes! 

A new adventure book filled with jinn, demon, sadistic masochist, cult, dervish and many other breathtaking elements.  The Black Demon, who escaped from the painting in the exhibition hall of Christie's, chooses the Chinese New Year for himself as the day of escape, adding a chemical dimension to the “explosion”, causing a chain reaction of the “fire” that ignited in Gerald Street,  It will soon cover the whole world.  Scotland Yard believes that the Cavlaki-Kalenderî Sect is behind the Black Demon, who escaped leaving behind all the elements in the painting, including his chains.  Because Muhammed Siyah Kalem is a Cavlaki dervish. 

As such, Scotland Yard's ex-detective Mike Ax will make his way to Topkapı Palace in Istanbul, knock on Professor İlber Ortaylı's door and listen to his advice.



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