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I am CELİLE, mother of Nazım Hikmet

A unique historical novel for young people from writer Osman Balcıgil, who won the appreciation and attention of more than a hundred thousand readers with his novel ELA GÖZLÜ PARS CELİLE...

Telling the biography of our world-famous poet Nâzım Hikmet and his mother, the painter Celile, whom he had great support during his prison days and exile, BEN CELİLE NÂZIM HİKMET'S MOTHER was written for young people with its plain language and gripping fiction.

When Nâzım Hikmet was born in 1902, Celile Hanım was only 22 years old. The echo created by the petition launched by Ms. Celile in the streets to save her son, who went on a hunger strike in prison in the future, has not been erased from the minds for many years.

I AM CELİLE NÂZIM HİKMET'S MOTHER, whose every page is full of emotion, history, perseverance, inspiration, talent, belief and consciousness, is a novel you won't want to let go of.




Osman Balcıgil, who wrote the biography of Sabahattin Ali, the author of the novels MADONNA IN A FUR COAT, THE DEVIL WITHIN US and YUSUF WITH KUYUCAKLI in a unique novel setup in his book BEN SABAHATTİN ALI, wrote Sabahattin Ali this time for young people.

BEN SABAHATTIN ALI, adapted for young people by the master author of best-selling biography novels such as ELA GÖZLÜ PARS CELİLE, YEŞİL MEKKEP and İPEK SABAHLIK, is Sabahattin Ali's student years, going to Germany, political views, private life, military service, prison He describes the process and the days he was watched by intelligence agents with all clarity and in a delicious way...




Osman Balcıgil, the author of the best-selling novels CELİLE, ELA GÖZLÜ PARS, YEŞİL MÜREKKEP and İPEK SABAHLIK, novelized the life of Suat Derviş, the world-famous female writer and journalist of Turkish literature, for young people.

I AM SUAT DERVIŞ, THE AUTHOR OF PHOSPHORUS CEVRİYE, tells the breathtaking drama of the great writer Suat Derviş, for whom Nâzım Hikmet wrote poems, with a naive narrative and an engrossing fiction.

Suat Derviş, who was born into a wealthy life as the daughter of a palace mother, was unfortunately in poverty when he breathed his last. Moreover, the dressing gown, which was a gift from her royal mother, was covered.

Suat Derviş, who attracted the attention of the political world at a very young age with his intellectual ideas and sharp pen, also got his share of the persecution of the intellectuals of his time. It was part of a tough but enviable struggle. His books, published as Suzet Doli in Germany and Suat Derwish in France, attracted great attention abroad.

BEN SUAT DERVIS, AUTHOR OF PHOSPHORUS CEVRİYE, you will read this book, sometimes with excitement and sometimes with surprise.



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